Forensic Psychiatry & Alcohol and Drugs ...
Dr. Nathan E Lavid
Long Beach , California , 90802
Private Practice - clinical and corensic psychiatric practice based in Long Beach, CA. Abridged curr...

Economics & Business & Employment & Wron ...
Dr. John F Sase
Lathrup Village , Michigan , 48076
Consulting and Board Work: SASE Associates, Outside Director to Comerica Bank Teaching: Economics an...

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What does it cost to search for experts on WitnessSearch.com?

We do not charge a fee to search our site for experts who advertise their services.

What is the cost for experts to list their services on WitnessSearch.com?

The annual premier membership fee for experts who list their services in the WitnessSearch.com expert directory is only $75 . There is a 30-day money back guarantee. Your membership will not auto renew and we will send you an e-mail reminding you when your expert witness listing is due to expire. A basic free listing is also available that includes your name or company name and mailing address.

What forms of payment do you accept for experts who list on WitnessSearch.com?

We accept online payments using Paypal.

Are there any additional fees for listing on WitnessSearch.com?

No. There are no additional fees to list your expert services.

What services does WitnessSearch.com provide for each expert that advertise their services?

  • Continuous promotion of your listing to all major Internet search engines
  • A link to your web site, biography, e-mail, resume or curriculum vitae (C.V.)
  • An optional photograph or logo
  • Unlimited modifications that you can make at any time
  • Selection of up to 10 different keywords or categories for your listing
  • Searchable listings using keywords or categories
  • Ability to post an unlimited number of articles that you have written in your field (coming soon)
  • Free rotating advertising on WitnessSearch.com

Do you auto-renew expert listings?

No. We do not automatically renew your listing. You will receive an e-mail as a reminder when your list ing is due to expire.

Do you screen the experts who list on WitnessSearch.com?

Witness Search does not screen, interview or perform background checks on the experts who list their services on WitnessSearch.com and therefore can not be held responsible for the accuracy or truthfulness of each expert listing. If it is determined that any expert listing is not accurate or truthful, it will be remove d from the site. Each expert who lists on WitnessSearch.com is expected to exhibit high professionalism regarding the accuracy of their listing and the services provided to those who search this site. We are not responsible for any interaction between the exper ts listed on WitnessSearch.com and their clients that have used our site to initiate contact.

Who uses experts and what type of cases are they typically used for?

Government agencies, legislative panels and private industry frequently use experts to provide opinions for past, present or future events in civil and criminal courts. The expert provides specialized in formation that aids in the understanding of the evidence or facts in a dispute. The opinions are normally used for preliminary investigations, depositions, mediations, hearings and trials. In addition to federal and state courts, experts are also called upon by local governing agencies and municipal courts to provide expertise in such areas as zoning, building code, public health, safety, environmental science, traffic and construction . Cases where experts are called upon can involve administrative law, constitutional law, contract law, criminal-related matters, trusts and probate law, insurance law, labor disputes, copyright and trademark infringement, tort law and taxation.

What is the best way to contact you for additional questions?

You may visit our Contact Page for additional information or questions.